Gama on BBC Top Gear – Interceptor and MKIIIs

BBC Top Gear returned three Jensen Interceptors to Gama Cars yesterday after filming them the previous day for a special broadcast which will be going out on Sunday 24th July 2011 on BBC2.

Jensen Inteceptor S built by GAMA Motorsport

Jensen Inteceptor built by Gama Cars as featured on Top Gear 24th July 2011

Gama are extremely excited to be on Top Gear; the programme borrowed two original, privately-owned Jensen Interceptor MKIIIs and one new interpretation of the model (the Interceptor S), Jensen International Automotive’s Interceptor, for the filming!

The latter was with Top Gear an extra week for some additional filming.

We really recommend you watch the programme as it may be quite an interesting one for the brand, the models involved, and all of us at Gama who support JIA and the Jensen marque as well as many other makes in our tuning and upgrade engineering work.



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